Thursday, June 26, 2014


How to Live Vicariously by Designing Skateboards!

Are you bored from your daily hum-drum routine?  Seeking adventure?  Need excitement in your Life?  Well, maybe I can help!

I am a grown woman who has never experienced anything really dangerous.  (Except for 10 years when I lived on a boat by myself & sailed 6,000 miles from Cape Town, South Africa to Cuba.  But, I consider that F-U-N, even though it was, at times, considerably scary.)  

No, I am not in this photo (below), but I did snap it of my inebriated girlfriends during a bash after the yacht race.  So, now I guess I've got your undivided attention.

After too many scary hurricanes in the Caribbean, I relocated to dry land in sunny Tucson, Arizona.   Not anywhere near as exciting, but no more wrinkled toes (or storms) from living on salt water for 10 years.

Seeking excitement in hot & dry Tucson, Arizona, I discovered a place where I can submit some bizarre skateboard designs to satisfy my urge for adventure.   Have you discovered Zazzle?  All you need is a Tablet in your lap to create some wildly adventurous designs.  Not at all dangerous, but very satisfying.  (*Please note, your designs must be originals.)

When I create these skateboard designs, I dream I'm traveling to a tiny village on an uninhabited island in Tahiti, ziplining in the jungles of the Amazon, or perhaps hiking some wild country in the rain forests of Costa Rica.  (Sure, I realize you can't skateboard on dirt roads, or the beach!  But why limit yourself to reality?)  I think I was dreaming of surfboards, not skateboards!

Anyway, Zazzle is a great way to submit designs to an uncanny number of products that you probably never thought of.  From playing cardsceramic tilecoastersclothingbuttonsgreeting cards, mugs, to name a few.

You only need to submit one design and it is automatically applied to 100's of products!  You get to choose which products you want to feature in your Zazzle store.  I've never tried to ride a skateboard, but I hope my bizarre designs will appeal to the generation who loves them.  Even if they don't appeal, I had a truly satisfying time designing them!  The experience was liberating!

Here's a small sampling of some of the products in my Zazzle store - "Witches Hammer" - My broom comes in handy for commuting!

Zazzle is global, so it reaches a huge audience.  My store had only been open for one week when sales posted from Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA!  I was thrilled.  To reach an international audience in such a short period of time is amazing!

So, if you want something "different," visit Zazzle and see if you too, like me, find exciting & adventurous designs?  Or, better yet, create your own bizarre & original designs!  It's free!

Warmly from hot, dry and sunny Tucson, Arizona,

Virginia Vivier
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